Automotive Distributor

The picture to the left is an automotive distributor. It is shown in the exploded isometric view. This view is a great way to show how separate components fit together to form the whole. It measures approximately 24”x 36”. I used hard pencil on vellum before making a white print.

tech art

The Mechanics of Perfection Some hesitate to call renderings such as this art. However, during my years of drawing in this style, I have come to learn a great deal about fine art. For example, in drawings like these, line quality is of paramount importance. Whenever tight, consistent lines are needed in my other artistic endeavors, I have a well of experience to draw from. Also, any comic book artist understands the importance of clear, attractive letters. These letters were made by hand yet the differentiation among like letters is almost imperceptible. Years ago, this particular piece won first prize for technical art at the California State Fair.

tech art drafting

Juxtaposition Showing a complicated device with all of its parts and dimensions on a page or two requires deep thinking in regards to spacing. Although some rules of fine art don’t apply in every situation (for example, the rule of thirds), many skill sets crossover. For example, the amount of white space as well as the positioning of white space is very important. Graphic artists are well aware that large patches of blank page are a turn-off to the viewer, as are areas where there is too much detail. Making drawings like these helps one learn to strike a balance in regards to negative space.

auto part drawing
auto part art

Prints The piece below is a companion to the one at right. Once the vellum is finished, a white print is made, which, as the name implies, is the opposite of a blueprint. Making a quality print is a craft similar to developing film. You can see that these two prints differ in the amount of chemicals used. Vellum is super thin, much like an onion skin. It is so thin that one may erase a line by rubbing an eraser across the back of the page!